Raw Foodists

So this is the wifey once more...
Raw food for thought. 

So I work for a grocery store.  One that we shall not name, but be known is always named one of the healthiest grocery stores to shop at.  I hear different requests all day long. Eaters of all types of food. Different ethnic foods, "American" foods, you name it, we sell it.  I hear crazy allergies and dislikes.  I try to arm myself with the knowledge to help these people in their shopping experience at my non vegan store. 
Keep in mind, we sell meat.  I don't claim to know a thing about it.  I can't even remember what eggs taste like, let alone a large slab of beef with all the marinade shrink wrapped around it.  I do know all the vegan mock meats, tofu, cheeses, butters and such that is available. 
I have a very strong respect for folks who eat raw.  If everyone loved their veggies and treated them with respect while cooking and preparing.... wouldn't that just be wonderful?! 
So this lady came through my line today as I'm checking.  She had a couple of books with her and I glanced to see what they were.  Raw food "cook" books.  I asked the general question, "how long have you gone raw for?"  Two months. Okay, not such a long stretch, but who am I to judge the seriousness that someone puts in their mouth?  As I'm checking her food out while pushing it along the doot doot dooter, I came across cheese.  Let me rephrase that.  Multiple cheeses.  Not only cheeses, but two packages of bacon.  Okay, there went all the respect for that "raw" foodist out the automated sliding glass doors.  If we do something, we do it right.  We aren't just sometimes vegans.  We don't have some fish fillets every once in a while and tell people that we are vegan.  We don't forget to say hold the cheese on that salad, and if it comes to the table with the cheese on it, just say forget the hassle and eat it.  If you choose to be raw, can we least forget that milk is pasteurized?  Where does it say that smoked bacon is raw?  If you don't know, all milk is heated to kill bacteria.  Even this crazy vegan lady knows that!  All cheese comes from milk, so therefore it is not raw.  Well beyond the 104 degrees that labels the food as raw.  I don't want to come off preachy, but for real folks.  How can we not inform ourselves before being so proud to tell your grocery clerk that you are raw and then go have cheese in your cart?  Bacon???  I just don't get it. 
Even if you are buying for your non vegan/raw partner at home, we have had the discussion that we need team effort to stay in the game and score.  My husband respects me and I respect him.  Even if he does like everything so spicy that it makes your butt hurt on the way out, I always give it a try.  Maybe her partner should be purchasing their bacon and cheese, as not to make her look like a hypocrite.  She said that she didn't have a partner.  Can't get yourself out of that one so quick.
Sometimes I have some really funny stories to tell my husband when I get home about all the dumb stuff I see, but the icing on the cake had way too much non vegan butter and slipped right off the sides.  Glad I could vent.  Please remember to do it right. 
Every time.

Stay Vegan! Yippee!

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Jenn said...

Wow, you're really out there on the front lines, huh? At least she was trying raw cookbooks. Maybe she'll learn something when she actually bothers to read/follow one. Maybe...

HayMarket8 said...

Heh. This is a very interesting story and one I would assume is all to common.

VeganWoman said...

We need more people like you working in mainstream grocery stores :) I would love to work the "natural" section at our grocery store. I notice that I can really really smell the meat and fish now when I pass by the meat section. Seems the longer I am vegan I am highly sensitive to the smell and it stinks.
I remember a time when cheese was the last hold out in my cart before going vegan - hopefully she will get less and less each time :)

Anonymous said...

how do you know the groceries weren't for her family? I've been raw for quite a while, but my family has definitely gone through phases during my "rawness". Don't be so quick to judge, at least she's trying, and karma always comes back around.

Stay Vegan! said...

@ Anonymous - I don't think her story came out as clear as she explained it to me. The lady and her partner were both raw+dairy.

Sorry for any confusion.

@ VeganWoman - Isn't it wild how our senses work? The smell of fish was never a pleasing smell to me when I still ate meat, but it was certainly bearable. Now it's absolutely appalling.

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