The Object Of Education Isn't Knowledge; It's Action

A quote of a quote really got me thinking.  A blog post today on chrisbrogan.com said, 
I came across a great quote by Thomas Kempis: The object of education isn’t knowledge; it’s action. How powerful is that?
Really though, how powerful is that?  The idea of action is really what drives us here at Stay Vegan.  Imagine for a second that you've been doing research on animal cruelty in factory farms and decide that you want to adopt the vegan lifestyle (or maybe you don't have to pretend because that's where you're at), what do you do next?  You're in the spot between stimulus and response.  I feel that spot is where this blog belongs.  It's here to help you take action confidently, having the experience learned from others mistakes (ours!).  So here's to keeping on with the keep on, and doing the right thing!

Stay vegan!

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Jen aka Jewbacca said...

i like your blog and think you make some really good points. i encourage you to go to the very beginning part of my blog and read my vegan story if you have the time.


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