Shopping Vegan and Its Effects

When we all work together and are asking the same questions, great things can happen.  This story shows what can happen.  

I've been a regular at the Whole Foods by my house since I moved here seven months ago.  I put my meals together there, buy vegan food and snacks, get  sandwiches and burritos from the prepared food bar.  I ask questions about what's new and vegan, and what's coming soon.  It's also probably safe to assume that I'm not the only vegan in this area that does this.  The combined efforts and shopping habits of myself and the other vegans in this area created a growing niche inside this particular Whole Foods.  So where is all this leading to?  Two days ago I went for a sandwich and to my surprise there was an entire corner of the cold prepared section full of raw/vegan food!  There was raw lasagna, cream cheese, veggie patties, sandwiches, and bread.  It was amazing!  It goes to show that when we're all making the same buying decisions we can directly affect those who do the buying, this is a fundemental principal of economics and free markets.

We buy food more often than we buy cosmetics and cleaning supplies, but in due time (and with all of us working together), we can show manufacturers that we aren't cool with animal testing, animal byproducts, or whatever else WE decide shouldn't be in the products we buy.

This certainly isn't a new idea.  Things have come a long way in the past 20 years.  The fact that most of us have a Whole Foods near us, or a farmer's market, or soymilk at the grocery store speaks volumes of the people who worked so hard before us.  Our buying decisions make it easier for us to stay vegan and for others to become vegan.

Look at it like every dollar you spend is a vote for the stuff you want to see on the shelves.  So get out and vote!!

Stay Vegan!

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