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I know that it might seem really easy for me to sit here in Northern California and tell people that staying vegan is a breeze.  We have vegan restaurants everywhere, shopping, farmers markets, and whatever else we might need out here.  I'm just preaching from the ivory tower, right?

Not exactly.

There might be more options available here, but I still need help.  I still reach out for guidance and support along my journey.  The internet has opened many doors for us to gain support and knowledge.  There are tons of vegan websites and forums, some are good and others are great.  After lots of trail and error and spending time on these sites, I'll share with you where I lurk around the web.

Post Punk Kitchen Forums - The PPK is full of knowledge and off the wall humor.  It's strictly vegan and they squash spammers very quickly.  There are a ton of different forums all with a defined purpose.  The Foyer is for the random life stuff, most of it is vegan related and always good for a quick laugh, and Food Porn is a great place to show off all the good stuff that you cook.  There are also forums for companion animals, health, gardening, and a ton of other things.  I recommend hanging around and watching the forum for a few days before you make your first post to get a feel for the way things work.  You'll find me there as theempire.

Veggie Boards - Veggie Boards is a great place for the beginning vegan to get their legs.  The forums here are for vegetarians and vegans, so not everything may apply to you, but many of the veteran posters are vegan and very helpful.  There's a much more conservative feel on veggieboard, so use a bit of caution when posting.  If you can deal with the GIGANTIC ad banner across the top and clunky navigation of the site, there is a wealth of information and support here.  You'll find me here as stay vegan.

Twitter - Like this really needs any explanation...  If you're smart about the people you choose to follow, Twitter can be like going to vegan school every day you log in.  I follow vegan chefs, animal rights activists, vegan moms, and Shaq.  Feel free to follow me and follow the people that I do.

There certainly are a ton more forums and social media outlets out there, but these are the ones that I regularly visits, contribute to and learn from.  So stop by and say hi!

Stay Vegan

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Lindsey said...

Cool! Thanks for the recommendations. I've never been to the PPK forums. They sound really cool, especially since they are associated with Isa the vegan queen. I just registered for veggieboards the other day but haven't done anything with the account.
I LOLed at the "and Shaq"

Isn't it amazing that in CA you even need support? Amazing how many meat-eating people are in this country, even in progressive states!

I am less fortunate to be vegan and living in Tennessee. Luckily I live really close to a Whole Foods, but I did start out vegan in a rural area. The Internet is a savior for vegans. I never had to worry about not finding certain products locally because I always had the Internet to order stuff. So I guess I'm trying to say that no one really has much of an excuse not to be vegan anymore with the Internet today if it really doesn't take all that much extra effort to be vegan in rural Tennessee. The only sacrifice I've had to make is going out to eat. I'm still able to go to plenty of restaurants that have something for me, but there are so so so many where I wouldn't be able to get anything but a salad with Italian dressing - blech. What I say to that though is at least I don't have to sacrifice going out with my friends to any restaurant. There is no rule that says you HAVE to eat when you go to a restaurant - just fill up beforehand and you won't even feel like eating.

All right, I'll stop rambling now - good post!

Stay Vegan! said...

Lindsey- That's a really good point about not having to eat at a restaurant, I haven't really given this much thought. Social norms tell us that "when in Rome...", but that isn't necessary. Grub beforehand and use the "late lunch" excuse.

Check out the PPK for sure. It's a great place to hang out.

Thanks for the comment!

Karin said...

I have been vegan for 20 years now, and lived for several of them in Yuma AZ (a Rush Limbaugh loving, rodeo mecca!), and before I owned a computer. This place was the antithesis of a vegan friendly community. It may have changed, but my point is, I had to travel over 3 hours to even buy a block of tofu, so even eating at home could be challenging there. Thankfully, when our belief in what we are doing is strong, it's amazing how creative we can be! The support available today is so inspiring and exciting, and I love how it helps to expand the vegan population and interest at a quickly rising and happily expanding rate :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and support systems!

Penny said...

I really like the Vegetarian Food for thought podcast by Compassionate Cooks--great myth debunking!

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