Fertile Eggs

Wifey here...

Vegan  dilemma  of  the  day,  fertile  eggs.
At  the  grocery  store  again,  recurring  nightmares  of  hideous  things.  Day  by  day  learning  to take  these  things  in  stride,  I  swear.  
So  this  couple  comes  through  my  line,  the  woman  starts  out  like  she  has  an  issue  with  something  that  they  previously  purchased  at  our  store.  She  started  talking  about  these  fertile  eggs  that  they  had  bought  a  few  weeks  prior.  She  was  still  speaking  in  a  tone  that  mocked  a  slight  upset  with  the  eggs.  Until  she  pulled  out  her  camera.  This  is  when  I  just  stood  still  for  a  moment.  Slight  dramatic  pause,  like  she  had  planned  this  all  out  in  her  head,  prior  to  coming  back  into  the  store.  She  must  have,  I  swear,  it  was  rehearsed.  She  gets  to  the  pictures  on  her  camera.  I  kept  thinking  the  whole  time,  "this  must  have  been  something  really  nasty,  really  really  nasty."  And  then  the  camera  screen  is  shown  to  me.  A  white  little  back  drop  with  sweet  adorable  baby  chicks  standing  by  each  other.  To  the  point  that  this  was  all  too  planned  out  and  well  executed.  I  just  stood  there  with  my  big  vegan  heart  sitting  on  the  counter.  They  incubated  the  fertile  eggs  to  hatch  baby  chicks.  For  what,  may  I  ask  were  they  hatching  the  eggs  for?  Oh  Easter  is  coming  up.  I wanted  to  scream  at  the  top  of  my  lungs.  By  this  time  other  workers  and  my  manager  had  come  over  to  see  what  the  heck  was  going  on.  The  man  and  the  woman  were  so  proud  of  the  fact  that  they  senselessly  created  animal  life  for  nothing.  Not  to  be  sustainable  in  the  egg  world  of  non  vegans,  just  to  prove  that  they  could.  They  went  to  all  the  trouble  of  buying  an  incubator  just  to  do  this.

Chicken  =  cute  fluffy  baby  chicks
Beef  =  cows
Veal  =  baby  cows
Pork  =  pigs
Sea food  =  sea animals

Why  is  it  that  people  are  not  seeing  the  correlation  that  these  sugar  coated  names  are  actually  referring  to  living,  breathing  animals?  You  bought  eggs,  fertile  eggs,  just  to  make  another  animal  on  the  planet,  for  nothing  better  to  do  with  your  time?  To  prove  the  point  that  you  could?

The  saddest  part  of  the  whole  thing,  I'm  still  pulling  food  out  of  their  basket  to  ring  them  up,  and  I  come  across  6  dozen  infertile  eggs  in  the  cart.  I  said  to  the  man,  "wow  that's  a  lot  of  eggs.  What  do  you  guys  plan  to  do  with  those?"  He  tells  me,  "oh  those  are  just  to  eat."


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Amanda said...

First of all, I love your blog. You two get me thinking about everyday stuff and I love it. And second, I only wish you worked the the Whole Paycheck near me 'cause I would stop and chat your ear off each time..he he! I've been participating in a vegan animal rights study group here in Boston (and the reading is kicking my vegan butt!) and it's been great but what is most striking to me is how we humans have the concept of "utility" so ingrain in our thinking..which relates back to how animals can be "utilized" for our own pleasure, needs, etc. without regard to the animal itself as another being. It seems to me that most people believe erroneously that animals were put on this planet for us to use and we think of them as a resource to be used/exploited on our whim. Once we realize that animals aren't there for us but have their only lives to live as they see fit, I think a fundamental shift happens in our thinking. Most vegans I know have already made that shift..your eggy people, not so much it seems. Thanks getting me thinking this morning!

Stay Vegan! said...

Hey Amanda,
Thanks for the great insight as to why people just don't get it. Working at a grocery store has taught me that most people are so not informed. Parents have taught children and those children teach theirs, that it's okay. Okay to use and abuse animals on a daily basis and not feel in their hearts and heads the overwhelming consequence that eating animals has. Not only does it affect them directly (health, cost of eating), but most average Americans I'm sure do not stop to realize how this affects the planet. Geoff and I laugh that there are millions of idiots (strong language we won't post) that breed children everyday. Only to raise those children in the same pattern all over again. We have dogs. We don't want to raise children in a world that just isn't right.
Everyday just keep on staying on. We are so happy that we can help just by being regular vegan folks trying to stay vegan!

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