Reason People Don't Stay Vegan #2

I couldn't live without [fill in animal product here]!

Yeah you could.

This is a perfect example of mind over matter.  Like we've said in previous posts, staying vegan isn't difficult, it's different.  A major change like this takes a paradigm shift in your head.  

Figure out for yourself the real reason you want to abstain from animal products, and weigh whatever your cravings are against your reason.  I know why I'm vegan and I still get urges for pepperoni pizza.  I stop what I'm doing and ask myself if indulging in meat and cheese means more to me than my veganism.  The answer is always no, so I stay vegan and feel stronger after the craving is passed.

There are great alternatives to most meat and dairy products out there.  It can't be expected that these products are going to perfectly replicate the taste and texture of the real thing.  They do allow you to indulge while staying vegan.  Just keep an open mind while trying these out and you will find great ways to cook with them.

Have a crystal clear understanding of why you are vegan and use that to boost your willpower. If your reason is more important than a pepperoni pizza (or whatever it might be) you'll stay vegan every time!

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Matthew said...

how long have you been vegan? when i was first a vegan I thought I was craving cheese, dairy, etc but in reality it was looking for nutrients. after a while my brain was retrained and I now 'crave' vegan things (same was true when I stopped eating meat).

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