Stay Vegan!

Stay Vegan is an evolving guide to help overcome the daily challenge to stay vegan. 
My wife and I are both vegan, and we certainly could have used the information here to help us out along our journey.  As time passes, and your knowledge base grows, staying vegan becomes second nature.  It becomes your life.
There are many reasons to be vegan, and none is better than the other.  I have my beliefs and you have yours.  The real truth lies in the fact that we are helping animals, the planet and ourselves.  Our goal here is to deliver information without judgement or preconception.  Just the facts, ma'am. 
I can't say that I know everything about being vegan.  I haven't met anyone yet who can.  What  I can say is we're going to do is share what we do know from our own experience and learn as many things as possible to circulate with our readers and the rest of the web.  It's an evolving guide.  Stay vegan!

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