Reason People Don't Stay Vegan #3

You can't get enough protein.


This is a question that I get asked by lots of non-vegans.  "How do you get your protein?"  I think that because of the association between muscle and protein, people assume that it only comes from eating meat.  In another great article by Reed Mangels, titled Protein In The Vegan Diet, we look at how much we need and where to get it.  

Protein comes from many, many vegan sources.  Most plants and vegetables have it.  A balanced diet will cover your needs for the day.  Mangels article has a great table of many vegan staple food items and how much protein they have.  It also has some formulas to figure out how much protein you need on a daily basis.

Here's how I look at it - When I'm planning my day in the morning and I know I'm going out for dinner or have a long day at work, I'll stack my protein in at breakfast.  If I'm going to be doing something that won't allow me to balance my diet for the day I eat a protein shake in the morning along with my multivitamin.  Here's an article on how to make a vegan protein shake. Snack on peanuts during the day instead of chips, or have a glass of soy milk with your lunch.  It isn't brain surgery, it's balance.

With some simple planning and eating a balanced diet, meeting your protein needs for the day is a breeze!  

Stay Vegan!

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