How Long Do People Stay Vegan?

In the grand scheme of time, people who claim veganism as a way of life is fairly new.  In ancient times, they were either gatherers or bad hunters...  

I know that there are tons of studies coming out that back my own stance up that humans are designed to be herbivores, but we all know that meat eating has been the common practice.  I doubt that there are many people who have been vegan their entire life, so I want to conduct a crude study to figure out where everyone else is.

The Set Up

The goal of this (not-so) scientific experiment is to figure out what the average amount of time that people have been vegan, and what percentage of people have stayed vegan the entire time.  With this information, I focus this blog on the time frame that people usually "fall off the wagon." 

That, and I'm a curious guy to begin with and think this will give some interesting results.  If the majority of people fall off at the three-year mark, you may be able to prepare yourself to make it past that milestone.

Enough about me, what I need from you, is to vote in both polls and help me spread the word.  For consistency's sake in the first poll, consider your veganism beginning when stopped being vegetarian completely.  In the second poll, don't count any accidental animal eating.  Consider it a conscious decision to be vegetarian (or omni) again.

Also, please spread this around so we can get a large sample of people.  Link it, tweet it, FB it, throw up smoke signals, whatever.

The Stay Vegan Poll

How Long Have You Been Vegan?

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Have You Stayed Vegan The Entire Time?

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Thanks for voting, now go spread the word!

Stay vegan!

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HayMarket8 said...
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HayMarket8 said...

Poll taken. 11 years this month. Vegan the entire time.

Stay Vegan! said...

@HayMarket8 - Very impressive! Give me 7 more years and I'll know what that's like!

Jenn said...

I think the larger number of 1-3 years might just be that there has been more interest in getting people started in that time frame. I'm not sure it statistically indicates a 3 year itch for omniville.
It's a lot harder to find the "I used to be veg*an" statistics. I was vegetarian for 8 years, omni for 5, then have been vegan for 1.5. I don't plan on going back. I've got lots of veg bacon tricks in my arsenal these days.

VeganWoman said...

Interesting results so far. I fall in that 1-3 year range at 2 years and a month. It all started for me with a Netflix find - "Future of Food".

Anonymous said...

I've been vegan for a year and three months, about to marry a person who's been vegan for 9 years, and plan on staying vegan. Interesting poll.

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