How Long Do People Stay Vegan? - Update #1

After three days the first round of results are in. I'm hoping to get to at least 100 votes for a fair sample of people.

So far-
How long have you been vegan?
0-6 months -11.84%
6 months-1 year -10.53%
1-3 years -32.89%
3-5 years -11.84%
5-10 years -14.47%
10+ years -18.42%

Have you stayed vegan the entire time?
Yes -89.13%
No -10.87%

Sorry for the crude tables, I'll put together a nice one for the final results.

The 0-6 months, 6 months - 1 year, and the 3-5 year categories are all very close. This give us a few clues. People may have a hard time making it past the one year mark, between year one and year three are common times to fall off the wagon, or this poll hasn't been distributed to enough people. I'll give it some more time to see any more changes before making any solid judgements.

The results so far from the second poll surprise me a little bit. I honestly didn't think that people would admit that they hadn't stayed vegan the entire time. Either I underestimated everyone or the anonymity of the poll encouraged honesty. Either way it's pretty rad.

There have been 75 votes already, as soon as it gets over 100 I'll put together the final report.

Thank you to everyone who has already voted, and if you haven't here are the polls again.

How Long Have You Been Vegan?

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Have You Stayed Vegan The Entire Time?

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Stay vegan!!

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