Going Vegan

I've been putting a lot of thought recently about my reasons for going vegan. The key to staying vegan is knowing why you're doing it in the first place. I'm not doubting my reasons, or wavering in my veganism, but I think that the changing of the seasons again is making think about the future and reflect a bit on the past.

I'm vegan for the animals, plain and simple. I wouldn't eat my dogs or anything that breathes and sustains itself in a similar fashion. I know why I do this and it's very important that you do as well so that staying vegan is not challenging.

The benefits of going vegan are huge and there are millions of reasons for doing so. If you simply want to be healthier, that's a good reason for being vegan in my opinion and I respect you for that. Whatever reason you come up with you've gotta stick to your guns, or keeping it up is going to be tricky. It's especially important that the people around you also know your reasons or they may question your motives.

Those that have a hard time staying vegan are the ones that do it solely for someone else. Again, I'm not judging your motives, but don't expect too much out of it. If going and being vegan is important to you, you must do it for yourself. Even if you don't make it too long you've done more than most people will (and the animals appreciate your meat eating hiatus!).

I know that was a bit of a ramble, so in case you didn't follow - Know why you're vegan before making the decision on going vegan!!

Stay vegan my friends!

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