Is Veganism Just a Fad?

Short answer - NO.

With vegan topics frequently in the news, Oprah, Skinny Bitch, Al Gore's frozen food, Gwyneth Paltrow's pancakes, and the who's who list of vegan celebs, it may seem like veganism is becoming a flash in the pan fad.  More and more people are "trying" the vegan diet now than ever.  30 day vegan challenges are popping up on vegetarian and diet forums all over the web.  Funny vegan license plates are getting lots of attention from the social bookmark sites and Twitter.  Is all of this media helping our cause or marginalizing it?

The more media attention that we get, the more detractors come out of the woodwork.  The more detractors, the more myth-busting we spend our time on.  These are the people who want to write us off as a fad.  It would be easy for us to turn this into a vegans vs. everyone else conflict, but this erases all of the hard work we've already done.  

The idea that this may be a fad is almost insulting to the vegans who have worked so hard to give us soymilk in the grocery store and other amenities that weren't available 20 or 30 years ago.  If you're reading this while in the middle of a "vegan challenge" and trying to decide if you want to stay the course or curious if you could ever possibly stay vegan take a look around, subscribe, and follow me and the rest of the vegan community on Twitter and Facebook.  We're all here to help, and dispel the myth that this is here to stay.

How do you prove it's not a fad?

Stay vegan!

That'll show 'em.

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Anonymous said...

14 years ago they told me my vegetarianism was a 'fad'. Four years ago they said the same thing about my going vegan. They don't say that anymore! So yes, staying vegan really does show them :)

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