How I Stay Vegan #5: Vegan Clothing

We all wear clothes. We all love to have new clothes that make us feel good about who we are. Remember being vegan is a statement from your heart and I always wear mine on my sleeve. Choosing to not wear animal clothing is a statement itself. You won't catch me in a shirt that says, "I Love Tofu," but when you know me and talk to me, my everyday apparel speaks volumes. In the city we live in there isn't very good shopping for clothes. Finding clothing is not always easy, size, shape, length, and now we add on no animal? It's not a sacrifice you had to make, it's a sacrifice that the animal that died to give it's life to make you a leather belt or pair of shoes had to make. I don't want to get preachy because there are tons of blogs and sites that better explain reasons to wear vegan gear. Even more on top of that, are blogs and sites that tell you were to buy stuff. We had to weed out some of the stuff when we first went vegan that just weren't the style that fit who we are. So here are a few sites that have done us right.

Simple Shoes

Have fun staying vegan!

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Lindsey said...

Cute video!

Alison said...

I had such a hard time finding winter boots this year. I don't shopping for shoes online because I never know how they are going to fit (though, I've had a lot of success with Earth Shoes). Finding an animal free boot that also looked nice was such a challenge. Most stores only carried leather or fur trimmed (or leather with fur trim). It was very depressing. I would just look around and wonder how wearing dead animals became the norm in fashion. When I would see a boot with a tag boasting "Real Rabbit Fur!!", I was so appalled. I just don't understand why it's okay.

Actually, for me, winter shopping is much harder in general. Every sweater seems to be made from wool, every winter coat is either made from wool or filled with down. All of my clothing is vegan, but some things are just harder to find and take a little more shopping around.

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