10 Questions with Chandra Gilbert

10 Questions is a series of short interviews with vegan restaurateurs.  We recently spoke with Chandra Gilbert from Cafe Gratitude.

Cafe Gratitude is a vegan restaurant with locations throughout the Bay Area.  They feature organic vegan food, sourced from local farmers.  The menu has many, many choices to choose from, including raw items, a kid's menu, juice, organic beer and an extensive dessert list.  I Am Innocent is an ice cream sundae made from nut milk ice cream, my personal favorite.  We sometimes make the trip from Napa to San Rafael just for dessert!

1.  Why vegan?
For my health, for the animals and for the earth.

2.  What is your restaurant's place in the vegan universe?
Cafe Gratitude !!

3.  Favorite dish?
We Are Whole - Macro Bowl

4.  Favorite wine/beer/soda pairing with that dish?
We Are Healthy - Green Juice

5.  Favorite quick dinner at home?
Roasted veggies, quinoa, tahini sauce!

6.  How often do you skip the main course and go straight to dessert?
Really - not often.  I'm more a savory type.

7.  Favorite vegetable and how do you cook it?
Brussel Sprout-pan seared in olive oil with garlic, lemon and salt.  The best at Cesar in Berkeley .

8.  Quinoa or amaranth?

9.  Thoughts on organic farming?
It's the only way to cause an abundant future for this planet.  Check out our be Love Farm in Vacaville.

10.  Ten words to describe yourself or your restaurant?
Cafe Gratitude - Vegan, organic, transformational, community.

Check them out at cafegratitude.com.

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